Sunday, September 28, 2008

A. M. Post

John Murphy continues to say it is too late to sell and too soon to buy. Rev Shark thinks that the news driven market is a gamble. Bill Cara thinks that the next bull market is underway. Gary K thinks he'd like to get bullish because everyone is negative--but there's no real leadership. Leisa thinks it's nuts out there. I don't mind waiting for the smoke to clear.

A great man, Paul Newman, has died. Here was a man that had enormous beauty, talent and integrity.

I've completed Week 6 of my plan. Today starts Week 7. Day by day, I'm making progress on my goal. My bike is back from the bike shop. I bought some new tires which Mark and I put on both our bikes. I bought a less aggressive tread so that I could ride more easily on the road. This tire, a Continental Flow Protection Kevlar, seems to be a good mix of road/trail ability. The old tires are hard--these bikes have stayed out of the weather, so the rubber has not dry rotted. But soft rubber is good.

I'm still training with my HRM--I was pleased to note that the same home trail cycle loop was being met with lower heart beats. My top end was 158 after making a climb--now it is 150. A heart zone range is 20 points--that is quite an improvement, and I could feel it.

I've not been attentive to my diet. I've not gained weight, but I've not lost any more either.

My son is still grumpy, but medicated! Everyday he'll be in less pain.

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