Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Cornucopia Post!

I received a link to this artist's work via e-mail. It is the second one that I've received. I thought that I would feature some of this French artist's work. I liked them. His contact information is above, and you can click on the picture and be transported to his website.

I've a cornucopia of things today to share with you. But I'll try to be brief.

The Election: The McCain campaign aides seem to be eating their young in the worst sort of teeth gnashing, flesh ripping and bone crunching sort of way with what they are doing to Sarah Palin.

Personally, I thought that McCain's choice was poorly thought out. I tried to be open minded about his pick (I felt it my duty as a voter to give due consideration to both candidates), but I could not find much traction in climbing that hill. Rather than choosing someone to truly complement the ticket, he found an anvil and jumped overboard.

It was surprising that there was so little coverage of Biden. But what I REALLY MISSED was not having Molly Ivins' voice.

Fit by Fifty: I've completed my 12th week. It's hard to believe that three months has already passed. Yeah! Here's my heart zone training summary by week. My Z-factor is the effort.

I will be earning on average 500 points a week each week now that I've completed my base. I needed more than 2 months to complete the base.

Ella-Rose: English Setters are a pain in the ass! These dogs are built to run all day long. My little Houdini! And when they run their ears stop working. Baby steps. Baby Steps. Both Greta and Daisey were problematic. The acclimation period is tough on everyone! She swims. She herds goats. I think that Sugar gave her some lessons on the latter. She's a strong swimmer though, so I suspect this is something that she enjoyed doing in her former life.

Stock stuff: I found a couple of charts to share with you. I found them by doing a 3x relative volume on FINVIZ. Something for YOU to look at if you like. They are charts that caught my eye. I posted it on Real Money and Rev Shark (the blog that I post on) mentioned that he had a position. I felt that my eye was a bit validated. I did want to share it with you:

Here's EMS (click to make larger):

I've done no due diligence, nor do I have a position.

Do listen to Tim Wood this week on Financial Sense On line. You can download the audio file here. Tim thinks that we will retrace some portion (50-75%) of the Dow's run from 12.13.74 through the top in October 2007. In 1974, the DOW was 570. A 50% retrace is 7385+/-. A 75% retracement is 3692--5539 is someplace in between. He's been pretty right about stuff. I don't see any easy fixes, and I'm still in the deflation camp.

Colin Twigss--If you like charts, then do read his stuff. I find his writing and his charts both clear and understandable. He speaks of th liquidity trap of placing rates so low that savers pull money out of banks....then banks call loans...then death spiral.

That's it for today. I hope you do something restorative this weekend.


sysin3 said...

I'm guessing that you have heard of Cesar Millan, the "dog whisperer" .... but just in case .. he does some amazing things just by understanding how the dogs think.

You wouldn't happen to be a "dog spoiler", just like me ?

The next one, however, I surely intend to treat as "animal", "dog", "breed" -- not "human".

Be the pack leader ;-)

Leisa said...

Sysin--yes, I read Milan's book. When I got Macy (Am. Bulldog mix), I read up on the breed and on dog training techniques. It really helped a lot to understand pack behavior. The dogs that we've had previously, never required that we be too dog savvy! (Though we naturally were being dog owners for so many years.)

One of the best books that I've read was "HOw to Speak Dog" and "Leader of the Pack"--Lots more constructive advice than I found in Milan's book which I felt fell a little short. My cable channel does not offer Milan's show.

I think that he's done a terrific job in evangelizing the 'dogs are not people' message. A very critical message.

sysin3 said...

ah so, sad that you do not get National Geographic channel where Cesar appears.

I read his books too, but seeing it in action is much different (perhaps because I am a visual person).

(I have "spoiled" 5 dogs, shame on me)

Leisa said...

Sysin--Shame on you, indeed. Dogs so enrich our lives. Our relationship with them is one of mutual dependency. We on them for a hunting partner and watch dog to keep our family safe or providing a heads up. They on us for food and shelter.

They are remarkable animals. I always marvel at their different personalities (same as with cats).

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