Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shelter Dog Shuttle

I have returned from my two day odyssey to secure Ella Rose (formerly Lacey). Here's a pic of my new girl.

Except that her nose is a bit shorter than Lucy's and that she is smaller, the dog looks identical.

Here's the border collie. That I do not have a decent picture is a testament to the fact that over a 7 hour drive, this dog napped all of 40 minutes if that. she was very anxious to pilot and copilot--bascially, be in the mix of everything. Here's Sugar:

Our drive was on terrific roads through beautiful landscapes. We stayed at the Dillsboro Best Western. A very nice BW situated on the Tuckaseigee river. Here's a couple pics from river side

The real surprise is that both Daisey and Macey act as if nothing were different. They have been unbelievably wonderful. Not a snip nor a snarl. She's also good with dogs.

I adopted her from the Jackson County Humane Society. It felt good to bring this beatufiful dog into our life and give her a loving home. It was also great to give Sugar a ride. She will make some family very happy. She has much love to give.

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