Saturday, November 15, 2008

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I'm listening to Financial Sense Online. I always listen to the technical analysis. Frank Barbera is the technician this week. He's expecting a retest of the S&P in the 840-850 area next week. Hard to know what will happen in such a retest fails. If we are to believe that there is a PPT, then that failure would not be allowed to happen. But I wouldn't hang my hat on that.

My father sent me a link to the Silver Bear Cafe. The link discusses the devaluation of the dollar, and I found it a little alarming. I sometimes think that there is a cult of people that think up these things--and I'm not clever enough to know if they are correct, or if they need tin foil hats. At the very least, I believe that I should be more aware of these issues.

Surely enough, as I tuned into FSO this a.m. Jim Puplova led off with discussion about this devaluation. Peter Schiff is on there this week as well talking about inflation, deflation and hyperinflation.

These guys have been long-term investors in the natural resource and precious metals markets, and as you know those sectors have been hit hard. Naturally both Schiff and Puplova were discussing 'the long term' nature of investing in these sectors and their having to remind their investors of that. But though many of these stocks have declined markedly (50-90%).

If you have time, I think that you will it a good use of your time to listen to Mark Taylor's interview. It is one of the most interesting things that I've listened to in a long time--it blends so many 'systems' together--and it reminds me of why I've been scratching my head through all of this 'stuff'.

To say that what we are seeing is unsettling is an understatement. And I'm increasingly unnerved that our "prevailing wisdom" that dictates how we respond to these issues is no longer valid.

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