Monday, November 24, 2008

Morning Post

Ch. Villedary
" Résilience "

It was a very busy weekend. I invited my B/SIL over for dinner. I made homemade chicken enchiladas, Cuban beans and bread pudding. It helps to invite folks over because it forces you to clean up.

The chicken enchiladas are particularly flavorful, but they are a bit of work. It does yield two trays (about 20). I wanted to make this dish because one of the trays was going to a neighbor (S) who was hit by a drunk driver. (Fell asleep, jumped the median on the interstate and hit her). I wanted her family to have something that they could heat up easily within the next day or two. And I wanted something that would be delicious. These certainly fit the bill.

S drives an E-class Mercedes which must be a kissing cousin to a Sherman tank. The car was mangled upon recognition, and to look at it (as I was told by her husband) one would not have mustered much hope for a happy ending. As it turns out, my neighbor suffered from a dual fracture of the tibia requiring surgery and a titanium rod. She suffered no head or internal injuries. As is the case, they had an avalanche of food at the beginning. I didn't want to overwhelm them and waited a couple of weeks prior to carting stuff over.

I'll be out much of the day today. I'm going to accompany my Dad and Stepmom to the cardiologist to hear the recommendation regarding open heart surgey. My son has his final follow up with his surgeon. Hopefully he will get a full release.

The futures look good this morning. A little uncertainty has been removed, though much remains. I'm feeling a bit out of synch with 'stuff'. I think that Gary K was calling Friday Day 1 of a the countdown to follow through begins.

Nice, perhaps our UYG will get a decent lift today.

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russell1200 said...

An interesting picture, but it looks more like it is falling apart than being resilient to me.