Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fire it Up; Ready to Go

One of my transport colleagues sent me this link:

It is of Obama's speech in Manassas. I've not watched any of Obama's speeches, but I have to say that in looking at this, it was clear to see his ability to outreach to others. Whatever your politics, it is a moving speech. It is also a reminder of our personal responsibility (which you will understand if you see the video) for what we bring to any venue in our lives: our relationships, our work environment--even our relationship with ourselves.

We can choose to be a positive force or a negative force. I'm not trying to sound preachy, but rather remind of the power of our intentions and what we project outward. I believe that what we project outward does come back to us.

Our future is not in the hands of our politicians--but in our own. As citizens, it is our responsibility to be a positive force of change--that means supporting your causes and putting your shoulder to the wheel of your causes to move them forward. Carping from the sidelines is never a productive option.

I have a very simple philosophy. If I'm finding that I'm railing against something, I step back and ask "How can I change this?" If I'm not willing to step in and work for change, then I've not earned any right to bitch about it. And if one channels their carping energies into working for change, you'd be surprised what you can accomplish. I think that simple philosophy has enabled me to make meaningful change in the organizations that I've worked with.

I'd caution that it does not work with people. You cannot change people, but you can change how you view their actions. Most times, the things that are irritating to us about others are OUR issues, not so much their issues. (Unless of course they are hurting you physically, emotionally, or financially). So when irritated with/by others, it's best to look within and cultivate patience and understanding. These are more precious than gold, and I wish my stockpiles of bother were higher.


sysin3 said...

Really ? You haven't seen this guy ?

Have you read his book ?

Seriously, from this here Southern redneck ... read "The Audacity of Hope".

I sure didn't agree with all of it, but we could do worse.

Leisa said...

I generally do not read books about political figures or corporate types (meaning, I'd rather have needles stuck in my eyes than read about Jack Welch!)

Seems to be that the Republicans ought to welcome the Democrats into this economic morass--they'll have to raise taxes (the revenue-expense = surplus/deficit just does not work).

Obama's economic policies are a bit frightening--but everything frightens me now!

sysin3 said...

Leisa, agreed all you said, biographies, ugh. And the econ policies, scary.

The book is still worth an hour or 2. Much to my surprise.