Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Morning Post

I'm listening to Gary K. He's not thrilled with the market action. No leadership. Pitiful volume. He does note that the airlines are getting a bid. In general, he's viewing this rally with a wary eye.

I'm still of the opinion (and GaryK mentioned as well) that this market is like none that any have ever seen. As you know, I've put little stock in any pundits. I do not consider GaryK a pundit, but I guess he really is. But he has proven himself the most objective and accurate market observer that I've seen.

I mentioned that I had a Chinese take out of three stocks: SSRS, FSIN, and WX.

WX has done very well. The others are 'eh'! The volume could be a little better here. But the volume no where is very good.

Remember EBS, my pick some time ago that hit my stop at 9.68 or something ridiculous--to the penny and then went back up?

HEre it is

It went off without me.

The futures are wild this morning. Today will certainly be an interesting day. I hope that you take time to exercise both your privilege and your responsibility to vote. And, if you are unhappy with the outcome, it is worth asking what you could have personally done on behalf of YOUR candidate to have enabled a different outcome.

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