Thursday, August 14, 2008

1001 or T minus 1

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Somehow I let my 1000th post slip by without noticing. Here's a "whoo hoo" to my 1001st post.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 48. I hope that I'll always feel comfortable giving my age. On that day I will embark on a quest to enter my next decade in a better shape than I am in currently. I've mentioned that goal in this space earlier. Now it is here and I must make good on it.

When I turned 40 I had no angst. Honestly, none. I embarked on a bit of an odyssey to be more athletic. I live in my head, not through my body, so to reorient myself in this way was quite a change for me. I had a very disciplined plan. I ran (road/trail) rain, sleet, snow or shine. I lifted weights. Did my yoga. Road my mountain bike. Though I had a gym membership, I like doing all that stuff at home. All was well and good until 2 years later I sprained my back. It was a bad enough sprain that my regimen was sidelined, and even though I eventually recovered (about 1.5 yrs), I never regained that discipline.

So here I am at T minus one day desirous of starting my 24 month odyssey toward becoming a buff 50 year old. Despite this enthusiasm, I plan to treat my body gently as I move into this new routine. While I'll honor my body, I do plan to transform it. I plan to do cardio, strength and flexibility. Naturally, I plan to bore you with progress.

Now I'm off to find my heart rate monitor. It will keep me from over training. After 3 months, I use it to start kicking my performance up a notch.

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