Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PM Post

War Pony (LE)
Limited Edition
by Sarah Richards

I have no "feel" for this market. This seems to be the common refrain by many. I've been using this time to look at charts etc, as I don't think that the action this week or even last is useful in dropping any clues. I'm surprised by the durable goods number, and I was surprised to hear a bit of a chorus regarding the recession perhaps not being so bad. I'll just watch the jobless claims and the unemployment number. I'm still among those who think that with the construction industry having so many illegal immigrants that the jobless and the unemployment numbers when compared with other recessions gives a false tell.

Today is my husband's birthday. He's 53. He is very fit. He's the kind of guy who can eat all he wants and not gain an ounce. Rather than kill him for that, I secured some rib steaks and baking potatoes to be accompanied with a nice salad. I also made (from scratch) a marbled chocolate cake with orange-buttercream frosting. I've not made this before, and I glommed the frosting from another recipe. I didn't like the idea of a raw egg yolk being in the butter cream frosting, so I found this orange-butter cream frosting.

No calorie counting for dinner. I've eaten very healthfully today. I'll only have a small piece of steak and a modestly adorned baked potato.

My daughter is a junior in college. She is taking a religion class (her second). That I've been rearranging my books is fortunate, for I have some that she will find useful for her studies. It was interesting to be able to share those with her, and to have her interested in talking about her class with me. My family is not generally interested in my arcane pursuits, and I don't foist those pursuits on them.

I'm miserable today from my multiple tick bites. I'm estimating about 75 to 100 bites. Each of them itches rather intensely. is something easily born.


Anonymous said...

My indicators are flashing a big ol' warning this morning. The last two days were thin market pump jobs. Let's see if they can make it three in a row. No matter. The numbers don't lie.

Fit by Fifty eh? I started traversing "the other side of the hill" in May.Join me as I run the half marathon this October in Boston! I have to tell you that this is the first time in my life that my legs are not responding well to training.


Leisa said...

A half marathon might be in my future, but not in October. I would never be in shape. My daughter wants me to run an 8K with her, but I don't think that I'll be ready this fall. Already, though I can see some muscle development, and I'm sleeping better.

Do you use a heart rate monitor? I'm a huge evangelist of these. Great to prevent over-training as well as under training.

I'm happy that my foot has not been acting up.

Odd market indeed. I'm beyond perplexed, I'm flummoxed!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never heard of anyone with that many tick bites. Frankly I can't imagine it. Are you concerned about lyme disease?

I don't put much stock in these thin market moves. Better perspectives will come after Labor Day.


Leisa said...

RJ--thankfully seed ticks do not carry any nasty diseases. But because they are so small, and when you run into them there are so many, their bite is remarkably itchy in addition to being prolific.

I'm somewhat less miserable today! STrange market. The moves may be thin, but I still remember that incredibly thin 2006 summer rally! I didn't trust that one either!