Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post sans Wine

Salute I
by Valerie Sjodin

One of the things that I used to enjoy doing is pouring a glass of wine and writing an evening post prior to dinner. I've curtailed that enjoyment--not given it up. But it had certainly become a habit. I'm back to monitoring calories today. I'm not hungry though, and I've not had dinner yet.

I'm still confounded by the market, so I've not much to say. I'll listen to Gary K tomorrow a.m. and hear his take.

My dinner last night was fabulous, though, I had to cook the steaks out on the grill in the rain. I certainly don't melt! I'm still loving my Solaire infrared grill. Those babies were sizzlin'! The cake was well worth the effort--the chocolate-orange buttercream frosting was very excellent. Truthfully, the cake was a wee bit dry--nothing that ice cream couldn't nicely take care of. I had a Barrossa (Australia) Grenache/Syrah. If you've not tried a Syrah with your roasted red meats, it would be a nice change of pace. The wine was a bit 'hot' with an alcohol content of 14.5%. I find that this level of alcohol competes with the underlying flavor of the wine. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my two glasses immensely.

My son has taken over the room over the garage. It is a very large room. It has a Smith machine weight set (along with other free weights) in addition to a very comfy section for viewing TV. He has his X-box up there--so I always shudder to see the soda cans and other crap that he somehow cannot manage to get to a trash can.

I cleaned up there today because I want to begin re-using the equipment. I have so many fitness books and fitness accoutrements, I should be fit. I have lots of cleaning products, too, and my house should be clean. Oh well....I've lots of neat kitchen stuff, and we sure to eat well! Some salvation.

My 30th high school renunion is in about a month. How can that be?

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