Sunday, August 31, 2008

A.M. Post.

As I was researching something for you yesterday, I ran across this website blog forum (click on the image).

I created a blog there called Fit by Fifty. I hope that you'll consider dropping by (though you can be assured that I'll be boring you here).

I'm a singular person. I do not like to exercise in groups or even with partners. I think that because I've always had dogs (and dogs like to run more than anything else!), they have been my eager exercise partners. In fact, I would say that they have been my greatest motivators.

Lucy and Greta were my original training partners. When they would see me donn my running shoes they would get so excited--Lucy would tremble all over. Well, when you see that sort of excitement, then even if you were NOT planning on running, their enthusiasm might make you think differently.

Daisey and Macy are no different. Because they are so bad, I have to take them on the road with a leash (26' retractable). If you've never put an English Setter on a leash, you are in for an experience. For the first 1/2 mile, all Daisey does is pull--and pull hard. Once we've set a pace, though, she criss-crosses, minimizing pulling. Macy is VERY GOOD on a leash. She never pulls but her beagle nose (her nose and her bark are the only vestiges of beagle blood) sometimes causes her to be a laggard!

I think I'll update my sidebar later, with some fitness resources. It may seem weird for THIS blog, but....I don't want to have too many blogs going.

And Dr. Bob--it's quite easy to point me to a resource that I don't know about! Thanks for the recent link!

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