Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yesterday we had 27 passengers on our transport. 23 or so of them were puppies. This is a picture of a pup that has arrived safely at its destination in New Jersey after starting out in Kinston, NC. There were two litters with 10/11 puppies. That's alot of pups, but at least each litter can be processed by ganging them together in the same portable pen without having to change the consumables (water, towels/paper) so that both they and their traveling crate can be cleaned.

Apparently they were also recently dewormed. "Stuff" flows out up puppies when they are de-wormed. There was much of this stuff to contend with. Let me tell you that puppies are unconcerned with being covered in pee and poo. Despite their condition, they are quite eager to give you the sweetest kisses, without the slightest notion that anything is wrong with that.

The 95N traffic was bumper to bumper. With the summer traveling season coming to a close it will be much easier to drive on the roads. My definition of hell would be to have 16 puppies in your car (I did) and have your car overheat. Thankfully the weather was temperate yesterday, but on another run, the temperature was 97, and the traffic was crawling. Not good for keeping an engine maxed on AC cool!

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