Monday, August 04, 2008

Morning Post

Little Owl
Albrecht Dürer

Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.

Jose Ortega Y Gasset

This weekend was one of relaxation and reflection. My father has been ill, not having fully recovered from his health bouts in May. My sister and BIL drove in from Bedford. I and my two kids visited with them and my father over a meal at a Mexican restaurant. My father's color looked good, and he seemed to enjoy the company. My BIL has not seen my son in some time. My son, 17, is over 6' tall. He wears a 12.5 shoe.

There is an owl in residence in my woods. Last evening, Macy caught sight of this wide winged creature, silhouetted against the evening sky, flying from tree to tree last evening. She was very agitated by it. I ensure that my kittens were inside. I heard it outside our bedroom window last evening, and caught site of it tree hopping this morning--long after I expected it to be in winkie-land.

Our weather was quite pleasant--a break from the heat. We had little humidity, and there wa a pleasant breeze blowing. I did not look at any charts, nor do any market-related stuff. I did write a letter to the editor of Barron's. I wrote a letter a couple of years ago, and I was pleasantly surprised that they published it.

Meredity Whitney was on Squawk Box this morning. I've laughingly called her and Dick Bove's contrasting calls 'a smackdown'. So far she has been correct. I appreciate her courage to make these bold calls. That says much for her and for her employer, Oppenheimer. Here's a link to the Fortune interview. She's a wise owl!

Did you know? She's married to a former pro wrestler. I didn't know until a moment ago.

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