Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick Thoughts


Today I managed to finish one part of my project which was to standardize the formatting among the sector tags. Tomorrow, I will conclude my work by doing a count of each sector's stocks to ensure that I have the entire population. I will upload the file for you.

The market has been making "nice-nice" with frustrated investors. I'm long enough to be happy to participate. I believe it to be a bear market bounce. I did close out my SMN. Sadly, it was at a loss. It had a nice gain, but it was one of my scheduled fun days. I truly did not expect it to reverse. But it did. That's okay. I'm still watching and may re-enter.

I'm still satisfied with my account performance to date. My SXI is doing very well--I've not added to my paltry 100 shares! My SYNL has gone from a 37% or so loss to 18% or so!

Last week I bought some HERO JUN 30 calls. They tanked, but are now in the green. I like HERO, but the stock has performed poorly. I figured that I would get a position ahead of the hurricane season. As soon as there is some rumbling of the hurricane season being active (though last year was a bust despite NOAH forecasting a robust season). I think that the stock market is much like the weather---there's a forecast; and it might be right; it might be wrong. It's is all about distribution tables regarding probabilities.

I commissioned a piece of art for a Valentine's day present for my husband. It is of Lucy. You can view it here....I'm very happy with the result. It was not a surprise. I'm really quite unable to contain some excellent thought that I have regarding a gift for another. There were two photos that were possibilities. I had to ask my husband. He opted for a different one than I did. It's the photo that I used in my post regarding her passing.

Tomorrow I will be cooking a lovely V-day dinner. has the great recipe for Crabcakes with Spicy Avocado Sauce. They have no filler, so they are baked, not fried. To get crunchiness, you use Japanase Panko Crumbs that are saluted in thyme, garlic and butter until they brown. You then press them into the crab cakes and then bake. The spicy avocado sauce is a wondrous thing as you can calibrate the heat to your liking. We'll have the crabcakes, asparagus and something interesting.

You'll remember my mentioning the 1958 House and Garden cookbook from where I pulled the Italian Sausages recipe. There is a recipe for a macaroni custard. It has ham, Parmesan cheese (also tomatoes, but I"m going to omit those) and mushrooms. You cook macaroni noodles and then layer it with ham/parm/mushrooms. Then, you take half and half and eggs and poor it over and bake. I thought this would be a perfect accompaniment with the crab cakes and as[aragus. My SIL is going to bring wine--Acacia Pinot. It's a wonderful wine, that will go well. Here it is 7:35 p.m., and I've not decided on dessert. I'm going to shop tomorrow. I'll miss market open, but that is okay.

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