Sunday, November 15, 2009

DJ Sectors Updated

I have updated the DJ US Sectors PDF. You can find it here. It is 160 pp but you can scroll through it quickly. I presented the chart somewhat differently. I did not use candlesticks, but rather lines. I thought that it presented a cleaner chart. I believe that the benefit of looking at these charts is how they appear relative to another, and relative to the 13/34 EMA. One other change that I made.....I used a daily v. a weekly view. I want a little more granularity now with the market having advanced so much.


The Entertainment Speculator said...

Thanks for sharing your work. Hope "under the weather" has improved to sunny and warm.

Leisa said...

Thank you TES--It's been a rough day, but I've antibiotics coursing through my body so I'll be better soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive work Leisa. Do you post your charts in Public Charts Lists section on stockchart as well ?
Thank you. "toochez" from HOB :)

Leisa said...

Toochez....thank you. No, I've been Stockchart member for years, but I don't post public charts.

I favor this approach because I can literally use this format to scroll through very quickly. Like thumbing through still drawings that make a cartoon! When I do it quickly, I see the relationships better (plus I can print the whole thing out easily if I want to.)

You can set this up yourself through's a standard one that you can upload.

Biffermas (Chris) said...

The Ultimate Oscillator looks consistently weak across the spectrum of charts. Shorting into any OPEX strength is certainly tempting.