Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Watershed Week

This week has been a bit of a watershed week for me. Some time ago when I was underwater with my work schedule (and this blog was a wasteland), I received an invitation from Seeking Alpha to be a guest contributor. I put it in an "action" file, but was still mulling over it in a vague sort of noncommittal way. They recently sent me another invitation within the last week. And....I received yet another invitation to write from another source.

Another 'thing' occurred this week, that was fortuitous in that it FORCED me to address my inertia regarding the first invitation (read: introspection). An appreciative reader mentioned my blog on another another blog (where the folks are serious traders and serious technicians), and I felt embarrassed. Why? Because in that company, I feel like my small insights, or whatever they might be, are not really 'worthy'. Here I was given a supreme compliment, and my reaction (inappropriately) was embarrassment.

You'll have to understand, too, that I'm that way in my work life and my personal. But dammit, if one doesn't learn how to be gracious about getting compliments, one will not get any! Modesty is a terrific trait, but it can be taken to an extreme. It took me six months to screw up enough courage (with the generous support and encouragement of an internet friend) to link my blog to my name.

While I promise NOT to become arrogant, I'm going to dispense with this posturing. I'm going to take a risk. That's what it is, isn't it? A risk that someone is going to read something I wrote and levy some harsh judgment--deserved or not. I guess what it comes down to is that I'm thin skinned!

I've been experimenting with you guys now for 1,296 posts (soon to be 1,297) over the last three years. We have a small, quiet corner of the world here, and I like that very much. It feels comfortable and intimate. My readers may not be legion, but they sure are loyal (and bashful, too!).


Chris Lovell said...

Seeking Alpha and the "un-named sites" that want your writing are interested because you're a talented writer! You offer unique insights, not the derived variety, and it's delivered in a respectful and intelligent way.

I understand the thin skinned personality, it's among my weaknesses and something I've long fought to overcome.

I'm very interested to find out what your plans are!

Anonymous said...

1. You take the time to THINK.
2. You take the time to WRITE.
3. You admit when you are WRONG.

That puts you ahead of about 97% of the human race so get on with it already woman! :)


Leisa said...

You guys are the best. Thank you!

You both made my day.

Anonymous said...

Ba-ba-ba-boooh yaa, Leisa!

Having used that phrase on this blog, I am now shuffling out to the woodshed.

(seriously, congradulations. You should be proud of your work and the Space you've created here.... but I'd worry that if you become too public, The Cramer Crowd may invade this little lyceum, and we'll begin to see the peer sniping and comment congestion that is relatively common on other blogs.... it is alway thoughtful and calm here; an environ worth preserving IMHO)


Leisa said...

Sleepless...there is cold beer in the fridge there in the yourself.

(Thank you!)

Glenn_in_MA said...

Thats great news are most worthy of the offers!