Sunday, November 01, 2009


I'm seeing lots of utility charts looking tired. Specifically, I see them at the peak of the price/volume (the volume by price sidebars you see me use in my charts).

If you care to look, I've created a PDF of the utility stocks. It's larger than most. Unlike the sector charts you see me do, this is on a daily v. weekly presentation. You can click through it quickly. I sat down with a beer, an English Setter and a cat and looked at a paper print out to make my annotations.


viscous said...
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viscous said...

Let me try that again. Hey, I tried to email you, but it keeps getting sent back. Could you please email me? Thanks.

viscous said...

Never mind. Problem solved.

Glenn_in_MA said...

With egg on my face, I just remembered that the markets don't seem to go down on Monday's anymore! :)

As I write this of course, resistance has the indices heading back down after the strong short-covering surge up. Another interesting day.

Anonymous said...

Tapped the underside of the 50dma and has moved away from it. Too perfect.