Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fixin to get ready to change comment handling...

This space has always been a little corner of the blogosphere. More of a personal writing space to help me concretize my thoughts as well as give others a peek into my occasional encounters with both dumbass and genius with a fair amount of time spent in the muddy waters of those two polarities.

Though the comment section is generally quiet, I think that I am going to convert the comments section to Disqus. I just did so on my test blog My test blog is my place where I try out my big ideas about blog design in case they fall into the dumb ass category! There's a bug in that not one but 3 comment lines show.

I appreciate that many like to stay anonymous, and I will allow that feature. The default avatar will be that of my beloved Lucy. However, I get questions from time to time on old posts. All comments to the blog come through my e-mail, and I'd like a way to respond to older posts so that I know that the person's question/comment gets addressed--and they can see that by getting an e-mail notification. They get to keep their privacy, but they get information without having to winnow their way through a labyrinth of posts.

Under Disqus, unlike Blogger, a person cannot respond directly to something that you post, rather, the comments just lie there.

This is more of a fixin to get ready to post, and not something that I've committed to yet.


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