Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sector Updates

I have updated the following chart books for you.

DJ US Sectors (daily)

DJ US Sectors (weekly)

Gold Stocks (weekly)

These are downloadable PDF's that are best viewed in 125% magnification.

Edit: 8:52 p.m. ---I added the Sector weekly charts.


Anonymous said...


Just finished going through your gold charts. Where do you think gold is head next, major or minor correction? Also what's your thoughts on UXG, consolidating before a possible breakout upwards?

nnecker said...

Leisa,loking at your sector charts I am seeing alot of cup and handles,am I wrong about that?

nnecker said...

Leisa,loking at your sector charts I am seeing alot of cup and handles,am I wrong about that?

Leisa said...

Nnecker/Douala: I've not had a chance to view either set beyond my compiling them.

In general I compile these charts to allow others the opportunity to make their own analysis. I'll post back, though.

Anonymous said...

I don't follow gold's twitches as much as I used to. However, after looking at these charts I cannot discern an independent pattern. There does not seem to be a natural rhythm. My conclusion is that gold is taking its cue from something outside the markets.

IOW, I do not believe that charting tells you anything about gold right now. This is not true about SPY, IWM, QQQQ etc. Leisa can tell you the significance of these statements.


nnecker said...

Leisa,you said you liked the defense sector,run a perfchart on the spy and $djusae and tell me what you think.

Leisa said...

Nnecker...I don't see cups and handles on the sector charts. If you can pick one, I'd be happy to comment. I do see some inverted H&S on the sector WEEKLIES--particularly on the stronger sectors. I've not had a chance to go through all my charts and synthesize anything.

Regarding the DJUSAE--very similar to the DJUSDN.

Leisa said...

Douala: If I new where gold was headed next I'd be rich. I'm still thumping myself for not entering when I looked at the charts last Thanksgiving after spending a day reviewing them!

UXG, like many, appears to be consolidating--but others are also very extended. Much depends on what happens with the USD....and remember that even gold gets liquidated for cash as we saw in the last credit crisis.

I still have only GBG...and I cannot say that I've been thrilled with its performance. It is not a strong name in the group, but I believe that it has strong prospects.

Glenn_in_MA said...

A particularly good post by Hussman today.

Leisa said...

Hi Glenn...Thanks for the link. I love to read Hussman, I'll put up a quote that I found that is pertinent.

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