Saturday, November 14, 2009

Transport Today

Today is another transport day. I'm not sure if I'm driving, but I'll go to help. I'm hoping to take the day off, as I'm a bit under the weather--but no so much that I cannot drive if needed--a short jaunt to Fredericksburg.

This is Columbus, an Australian Shepherd mix. He will be going to his permanent adoptive home today. Quite a handsome fellow, too!

I'll post sector charts before the weekend's out. From that, I'll pick a sector to highlight for you in charts. I think that our northeaster has left us. I'll be glad to see the sun's shine, as it has been absent for too long.

1 comment:

Biffermas said...

I hope Columbus behaves better than Dana did!

Get some rest if possible, and get well soon, Leisa. Thanks for the posts and support.