Monday, November 23, 2009

On Being Thankful

I believe that gratitude is an important quality. And readers know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is about being grateful for the bounty of land that nurtures our body and grateful to our families who nurture us--body and mind. What better way than to celebrate these things than over a shared meal?

I believe that I'm cooking my 23rd Thanksgiving dinner this week. I had a small moment of panic this morning, as I could not find my recipe file. After an hour and a half I located it. And while you should never take investment advice from me, you can absolutely take cooking advice! I could also advics you on love and work matters too, but who needs advice on that?!

Posting will be sparse--so I wanted to take a small moment now to write. I have to work a bit tomorrow, and then I will do the shopping. Wednesday and Thursday I will cook and clean. My menu is as follows:

Brined Turkey
Brussels Sprout Hash with Caramelized Shallots
Potato and Turnip Gratin
Sausage and Cornbread Dressing
Spicy Pear and Pecan Muffins
Scalloped Oysters
Tart Cranberry Sauce
Maple Pecan Chocolate Tart
Sweet Potato Marscapone Pie

As I write it out it doesn't look like much, does it? It is a production though! It is very good though, and everyone looks forward to it. Normally I try one new dish...but not this year. It is possible that something will catch my eye, and I'll feel the need to serve it! I'm shielding my eyes! And after cooking all of that, I will not cook for the next three days!

I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. May the market not serve you up a turkey!


DaveinHackensack said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Leisa.

Biffermas (Chris) said...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Leisa, I offer my heartfelt love! Best wishes for a great feast, and thanks for your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Leisa!

I enjoy reading your blog and posts. Your menu is impressive.
Up here in Canada, we couldn't wait so we celebrated Thanksgiving in October.
God bless.


Glenn_in_MA said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for bloggers such as Leisa who take the time to offer up thoughtful analysis and commentary and inspire others to do the same.

Enjoy the food and time spent with family!

Leisa said...

Thanks for the good wishes! I've managed to burn myself this morning. Hopefully I will not chop off an appendage that I cherish and will miss.