Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tick Born Diseases

In Leisa-land, I have three dogs. Since Saturday, I've spent about $1100 in vet bills. On Saturday, my son discovered a wound on Macy. It was a three inch gash of undetermined cause (likely her barrelling her 72lb body through the woods to retrieve a ball). Very fresh. I took her to the vet for stitch/staples to include her annual "stuff". She tested positive for ehrlichiosis. Bill $~$300.

When Daisey and Ella went in a couple of days ago, Ella tested positive for ehrlichiosis. Daisey tested positive for Lyme's. I've not pulled 5 ticks off of the three of them. So everyone is on anti-biotics. Bill $800. Of my vet bill, $600 was for the heartworm and flea prevention for a year. I'm reminded that in these tough economic times, people struggling with paying bills find pet expenses to be unplanned--and unmanageable.

Tick born diseases are tough on humans too. Though tick season is ending, it's a reminder to ensure that your dogs are reviewed for exposure by your vet and treated accordingly.

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