Tuesday, November 03, 2009


StockCharts lets you have 100 watch lists. Yep, I've used them all. It comes in handy when I want to look at stuff...

Here's my CleanTech list....most had a very good day

There's my little HPJ....

I do own ALTI--my little spec stock.

The market had a little something for everyone. I've not strung together too many back to back days in watching the market. I forgot how tedious it could be.

Of course, the FOMC looms over the market. People I respect are calling for the market to go higher. People I respect are calling for the market to go lower. Sounds like a toss up. I felt that this week would be news driven--and the tone of that news would set the tone for the market.

I'm fairly neutrally positioned. I do have some DEC 40's puts on ED. Here's a chart:

If the broad market goes up, I believe this position will pop out of the apex. If the broad market goes down, then I think I've a pretty decent short set up.

Hmm...You know that we are all about empiricism here. Accordingly, it is time to ask the Magic Eight Ball. Remember to click!

Who knew that the market could be so easy!

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