Sunday, November 08, 2009

GBG: Great Basin Gold

I own one gold stock---Great Basin Gold. It's an immaterial holding in my account, but I do have 2K shares @ $1.53 per share.

Here's a chart:

Click to make larger

This apex is my favorite thing to watch....the stock is fixin' to get ready to move. The news tomorrow will determine which way! Do note the volume patterns in this stock.

I'll pull a chart for you later in the see how it pans (!!) out.

Position: Long GBG.


Biffermas said...

Good morning, Leisa! I enjoyed your story about transporting the defecating, humping dogs. Do you help out with a shelter?

GBG is looking good today in percentage terms; up 3.9% at last glance.

Leisa said...

Thanks Biff...

The shelter is in Kinston, the van makes the 182 mile drive up to RIC (used to stop in Emporia, but it's been hard to get volunteers).

I support the shelter with donations. I also make high quality leads...I'm handy with a sewing machine too.

I buy the webbing and hardware in bulk. So for about $3 I can make a $15 lead. It takes 3 minutes to sew.

Glenn_in_MA said...

Everything being bought across the board like we're in a perfect place (equities and treasury bonds going up?)! Is this a result of the US$ "carry trade"? Has the US$ been leading or reacting to the equity markets? I've seen it explained both ways recently. Just the main thoughts going though my mind today.

Leisa said...

Glenn, I'm willing to bet that we are seeing a short squeeze. Lots of people seeing the market as an easy short, bonds as an easy short and gold as an easy short.

Remember how easy oil was to short at $100, then $110, then $130--it was Albert Einstein brilliant at $140?


We could see a meltup here. But it is any's guess.

Anonymous said...

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