Friday, March 16, 2007

Bob McKee

Bloomberg had Bob McKee of Independent Strategy. It's worth a listen (Click on the Bloomberg link). He makes an interesting point about the so-called "consensus" view that made me chuckle. He's basically telling his clients to sell into every rally.


moab said...

He makes the point that everyone is calling this a healthy correction. Too much complacency and not enough pain. I think we may revisit the highs and form a double top trapping some complacent bulls. But who knows really?

Leisa said...

As I'm fond of saying, "No one knows"
In fact, if every new investor were to learn this right off the bat, much good would be done.

Gemma Star said...

I missed this interview. Very good interview; grateful that you captured it.

Gemma Star said...

Also, Moab's point re: the interview (..."everyone is calling this a healthy correction") is on-the-money. But, of course, who knows how the chart will look -- in the end? Who, indeed, knows?

Anonymous said...

That''s right, no one knows. Not even ME. ;) All you can do is look at what the market has done in the past with similar internals, assign probabilities, and take appropriate risk-defined positions.

Good luck and good trading.


Gemma Star said...

Moab, I think I have a hint of things to come:

First, consider the Blackstone offering possibility, which strikes me as a "sell high" move by smart organization.

Next, a page B1 WSJ headline today that may say it all: "Stock Shocks or No, Investors Pour Cash Into Mutual Funds".

You might be right, Moab: We might revisit the highs. If so, one (and certainly THIS one) might consider a revist to highs a gift from the trading gods -- and a chance to get outta Dodge.

moab said...

Gemma Star -

I agree. I view the Blackstone and Mastercard IPO's as warning signals. The real estate and credit booms are over. Smart money would never sell these to the public unless they don't want to be holding the bag when the cycles end.

I also read that Blackstone, after buying EOP, broke it up and sold pieces to Saudi investors. Talk about flipping real estate!