Saturday, March 17, 2007

WSJ's Market Close 03.16.07


Eric said...

Hi Leisa,

I'm a regular (too-regular) reader of Bill Cara's blog and I thought I'd check out yours on this sunny Saturday morning. I just drank a cup of Sri Lankan Gold tea, the new blends from lipton in those fancy pyramid bags, pretty good.

I spent about 10 minutes looking this morning, but could not find the post you made about those recommended books. I'll be graduating in April and will finally have time to catch up on a lot of reading so I'm compiling a list of books to read. Would you mind telling me them again? Thanks, and have a great weekend.


Leisa said...

Hi Eric: The resources that I listed are the ones that you see in the sidebar. This is what/who I recommend.

Gary Kaltbaum's weeknight show.
George Dagnino's paid service at But at this website there is GOOD FREE stuff. Read the business cycle write up--print that off and keep it with your permanent reading. Refer to it often. His paid service tells you where he thinks we are in the cycle. That's the benefit of the paid service.
George Dagnino's book: Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets. But, you could just as easily print the stuff off of his website and have most of the book!
Bill Cara's stuff is terrific--his WIR and click on the green blocks at the top of his web page and print/read that stuff.

Hope that helps.

Eric said...

yea it helps, thanks!

i definitely read bill's WIR (just finished actually). Truthfully, I cannot believe that such a service exists for free. Although I am finishing a commerce undergrad this april, I'm not intending to go into finance (for the foreseeable future) but am very much a student of the markets. not sure why i just said that. haha. good luck with your investments, i may ask your opinion from time to time and discuss the markets with you. ciao.