Friday, March 30, 2007

Book Recommendation

I like to read, and I detest having "hang time" when I have nothing to read. And the second worst thing is to HAVE something to read, but nothing to write or highlight with.

If you read no other book this year, read this one:

The Only Three Questions that Count (Investing by Knowing What Others Don't), by Ken Fisher.

I've not finished the book (I'm on page 73), but I'm comfortable recommending your buying it. Why? Because this book will help you turn your perspective inside out as well as amplify it. It will help you CHALLENGE your thoughts, uncover your biases. That challenge alone is more than worth the price of the book. It takes a whack of some of the much-vaunted mythologies and suggests a different tilt. You will find it both refreshing and informative. I say this having a bias AGAINST all things ubiquitous (Oprah, American Idol, stock news regarding KRY, Jim Cramer....). Few are more ubiquitous than Ken Fisher...but listen to him; I think that he has something worthwhile to say and well worth your time to hear.

04.01.07: Here is Steve's review
I wasn't able to get to the link in the comments. Thanks Steve!


joey said...

friday night at the movies...I just viewed the evils of inflation lecture...very informative...thanks for the 'heads up', Leisa

Sami said...

am almost done reading it. i recommend it too.

Leisa said...

Joey--Isn't he a wonderful teacher?

Sami--I'm going to try to finish it this weekend. I think that I can get a post or two out of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I had an initial bad impression of Fisher, however, as he was touting the home builder stocks earlier this year, right before reality set in with a vengeance.

Of course, this only proves that everyone is fallible.

I sure know I am.

russell120 said...

I am my biases. If I lose my biases I might evaporate.

Steven said...

you can read my review of the book here