Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In Tribute to Today's Strong Close

Transcribed Conversation in Praise of Cows

While it is so that you
can eat a pig from nose
to asshole and beyond,
the cow is usefuller:
the beef, beefsteak, broth,
are healthy, and the milk,
the fine glue from the hooves,
the leather and the horns,
Oh you can take one horn
and blow it and call up
whole armies of believers!

Poems Seven. Alan Dugan. Seven Stories Press. New York. 2001.
This book was a National Book Award Winner. I don't typically read much poetry, but when Tower Books closed shop, I made some purchases in their "awards" section at attractive prices. The poetry in this book is hard-edged. I literally opened this book to this poem, and it seemed to coincidental to pass up. I hope that you enjoy it.

Good night.

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