Thursday, March 29, 2007

Entry from My Notebook

I keep a notebook. I really cannot remember a thing, so writing is a good mind helpmate.

The Economist Magazine had this on it's front cover on 02.10.07:

"Next Stop Iran"

"There is a real possibility that George Bush will order a military strike on Iran sometime before he leaves the White House Two years from now."
I don't post this to engage in a political conversations. Merely to post a former entry on a currently contemporary matter. While it is easy for us to be dismissive of other countries, I could imagine being part of a government of a country and bristling being told what I could or could not do. We don't really have a clear perspective of that in our country, for we seem to do whatever we want. Acting unilaterally, whether as a person or a nation doesn't win you many friends.

I generally try to not engage in political conversations. I have a neighbor who told my husband that "Leisa doesn't like George Bush because she's just jealous that she didn't go to an Ivy League school." This is why I don't like political and religious conversations, for there (shall I say oftentimes?) seems to be a decided break from discussing the point at hand to a diatribe against the person holding the opinion. Nearly one of the nuttiest things that I've heard said about me.

For the record, I've never had a conversation with this neighbor about George Bush or my like or dislike of him. Moreover, I've never given any consideration to the fact that I did not graduate from an Ivy League school. I've earned a terrific living without that credential. I think, though, that I earned some points when Mark indicated that I received the New Yorker (after my neighbor began to describe the magazine to my husband and Mark said, "Oh, Leisa subscribes to that."). He was dumfounded. Isn't that just stupid that he would be dumfounded? As you can probably guess, my neighbor is a little on the pompous side.

[deep sigh]

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JakeGint said...

Don't worry, I attended two Ivy league schools and I generally don't like anyone who's come from them. I do like my wife, however.

Liked your entry on the GS mortgage sitch. Veddy interesting, as they say...