Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Walmart Ad Exec Scandal

The market is too odd to even talk about today....Personally (and I don't know jack!), I think that the Fed issued the only release that they could, AND I'm very surprised the market acts the way it did. You can read about the 9:1 up days and all of that, but I find it hard to believe that we are going into the next big bull market with the housing issues looming.

Okay...back to scuttlebutt.......

From CNN's Eyeopener: "Julie Roehm and Sean Womack, the former Wal-Mart marketing executives currently in a brouhaha with the giant retailer, showed up at a marketing conference in Hollywood this week to pitch their new consulting firm.
If you haven't heard about the case, you can read about it here. The quickie version: Roehm was an edgy marketing executive who was fired by the retailer after less than a year of service. She sued for breach of contract. Wal-Mart countersued this week, claiming she had an affair with Womack (then her subordinate) and misused her position to drum up a possible job at an ad agency. And it trotted out some eye-brow raising emails to make its case -- emails that Roehm's lawyers say are being misconstrued.
No doubt we'll be hearing about this case, with all sorts of salacious details ... or at least allegedly salacious details ... for a while."

You can see the video here: Scandal! (my label!)

It's worth watching the video the two when he says "caught"

I was in advertising and those two didn't make much sense in the interview. I guess they are trying to get their faces in the public to humanize--but their interview responses, to my mind, were beyond dopey.

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