Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gary K

"Everything that I see is ugly! I'm letting you that the rally attempt off of the low is a big fat balloon."

He expects that we'll test the previous low and will bounce. He's now bashing B. Bernanke which I don't like. Oh well...I'm married, so I know how to tune things out!


Anonymous said...

Bingo, GaryK.

You will get to see on your guess before the market opens Leisa. We have Corporate Profits, Jobless Claims and GDP all at 8:30am!


Gemma Star said...

It is possible to know how to tune things out without being married, although marriage may be the best Tune-Out School any of us will ever attend.

I suspect Gary K is absolutely on the money.

btw, we may actually be in a secular bear market with all that implies. That's the idea that's making most sense to me in this market, in this environment.