Friday, October 24, 2008

Addition Consideration

I don't go shopping much, as I think it best not to tempt my magpie tendencies. Look at this beautiful girl. She reminds me of my beautiful Lucy. Her name is Lacey. She's a Llewellyn English Setter who was found as a stray. She has already been spayed. She's being fostered in Sylva, NC.

Mark and I are going to talk tonight, but I believe we will try to give her a home.


Gemma Star said...

The moment I saw her, I knew: She's moving in with you.

And how wonderful it will be.

Leisa said...

Yes, we plan to adopt her. I filled out the application. They will call my vet. I also gave them the Cecil County SPCA's link for Daisey's story.

She is more than 7 hours away, though. So getting her will be a road trip! She is in Sylva which is very near the Great Smokey Mountain State park. Mark and I may try to do a cycle trip!