Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sweet Sadie

I've mentioned in this space my SIL's dog who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Today, Sadie was transitioned. Her quality of life up until yesterday was quite good: healthy appetite, pain-free movement, enjoyment of her family. Yesterday the cancer felled her, and she was listless and uncomfortable. My SIL made the difficult but compassionate decision to have her put to sleep. Her blood pressure was so low the doc and personnel had difficulty finding a vein.

My SIL had the good fortune to have three of her life long friends with her. They have been getting together for every year since they've graduated from high school. This year, my SIL had the girls over to her home, as it was a fishing weekend for her husband.

So in today's brilliant fall sunshine, these long time friends took turns spading the ground for Sadie's grave.

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