Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some New Resources To Check Out

The market---geez. Enough said.

I ran across a couple of things today that I wanted to share. On RM, TradyLady shared this new website: J3 Services Group. They are much like the Nasdaq website, but have some downloadable information into Excel, which you know that I would like! (I'll have to update my side bar for them.)

Second, a blogger at Real Money mentioned this terrific graphic by the New York Times about bear markets. Do check it out. You will find it very informative.

DIG--am I so glad to have gotten out of that (but it was just for a quickie, not a long term relationship!). I sold it at $41; it closed at $26.

UPW--I picked up a few shares in this today, but I may be sorry.
SSO--Still have some that are now underwater.

I've put positions on AIT, TWI, PSSI and AMMD--so there is some foil for my longs. But, overally, I'm mostly cash.

I hope that you are faring well. This is a bitch of a market, and I've not heard one person say that it is like anything that they've ever seen.

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