Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Two Years

Today is my second anniversary of my blog. This is my 1044th post. Thank you for reading and your encouragement over these two years!


nice guy said...


Happy Birthday for your Blog!

Have not had time to catch up on all your posts... just wondering what your outlook is for the US markets for the remainder of the year?


Maybe it's 'too obvious' but Gold seems like a win/win situation here - if the government does not bail out - gold goes up - and if they do - gold has a reason to go up over the longer term..

I guess there could be some initial negative reaction if Europe also does a bailout and the traders try to keep trading gold against the Euro.

But at some point one would think that gold will trade on its own 'merits'

Also funny how they keep spinning these deals that Warren Buffet is doing with GS (and now GE) as positive - I mean the real message is that they are hard up for capital and had to do a deal with the stingiest guy of all.


StrasserTalk said...


Congratulation on your 2-year blog anniversary, and especially a happy 26th! We will toast to your next 26!

Btw, love your Fit by 50. My husband always tells me (although we
are working past the 'sexy sixties', that 'just like wine, you get better with age'. ;)

Leisa said...

NG--Thanks so much. I sure have missed your recounting of the markets. I tried to write my outlook (layperson) in my most recent post.

If we have deflation, is gold really a win? I'm still in the deflation camp.

AGree with your assessment on GS and GE. GS was supposed to be the smartest guys in the room...but the model was broken--it took along time for that fessing up in the media to happen.

Leisa said...

Trady Lady, Thank you so much. I'm trying to have a little bit less of my pompous ass! It feels good to be active again.

Anonymous said...

Two years? Two years!!


I can't believe I've been following your blog for TWO YEARS!

I do love it.

~ GemmaStar

R said...

Congratulations on the two years!

I had the same thought regarding deflation (via deleveraging and snowballing credit contraction spreading through the economies) and the price of gold. By the way, we'll be glad to have you join us in the 50 club.