Monday, October 27, 2008

PM Post

Here's Minnah in her customary spot by my computer. She was spayed today (and Wyatt neutered). I just brought them back home. Macy and Daisey had to check them out. Naturally they are sore.

Great craziness in the markets today. Bullish calls are not being rewarded. Rev Shark on Real Money says that bear markets eventually just wear you out. I know that I'm tired.

I sold the last of my AIT and AMMD puts today. They are November puts, and though I'm not bullish, I'm looking for a bounce.

I spent a little time looking at charts today. It's really remarkable how far some of these can fall. If we really are winding some 25 years of excesses, perhaps support levels going back to 2003 or so are too optimistic? I don't know.

I've been cleared to secure Lacey. Likely to be a long drive Friday/Saturday.

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