Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fidelity Select Sectors

Here's a list of Fidelity's Select Sectors for the year--From best to worst. Only one is green: Money Market.

Select Money Market Portfolio (FSLXX) Money Market 2.39
Select Medical Equipment and Systems Portfolio (FSMEX) Health Care 18.05
Select Biotechnology Portfolio (FBIOX) Health Care 20.46
Select Transportation Portfolio (FSRFX) Cyclicals 26.32
Select Consumer Staples Portfolio (FDFAX) Consumer 27.5
Select Pharmaceuticals Portfolio (FPHAX) Health Care 30.73
Select Construction and Housing Portfolio (FSHOX) Cyclicals 31.55
Select IT Services Portfolio (FBSOX) Technology 31.6
Select Retailing Portfolio (FSRPX) Consumer 32.05
Select Paper and Forest Products Portfolio (FSPFX) Natural Resources 33.55
Select Environmental Portfolio (FSLEX) Cyclicals 34.19
Select Consumer Discretionary Portfolio (FSCPX) Consumer 35.12
Select Health Care Portfolio (FSPHX) Health Care 35.14
Select Banking Portfolio (FSRBX) Financials 35.94
Select Chemicals Portfolio (FSCHX) Cyclicals 36.34
Select Leisure Portfolio (FDLSX) Consumer 36.57
Select Industrials Portfolio (FCYIX) Cyclicals 38.02
Select Gold Portfolio (FSAGX) Natural Resources 39.3
Select Communications Equipment Portfolio (FSDCX) Technology 40.34
Select Multimedia Portfolio (FBMPX) Consumer 40.69
Select Computers Portfolio (FDCPX) Technology 40.77
Select Software and Computer Services Portfolio (FSCSX) Technology 41.78
Select Industrial Equipment Portfolio (FSCGX) Cyclicals 43.13
Fidelity Utilities Fund (FIUIX) Utilities 43.49
Select Defense and Aerospace Portfolio (FSDAX) Cyclicals 43.62
Select Materials Portfolio (FSDPX) Cyclicals 44.51
Select Utilities Growth Portfolio (FSUTX) Utilities 44.56
Select Electronics Portfolio (FSELX) Technology 44.8
Select Networking and Infrastructure Portfolio (FNINX) Technology 45.97
Select Technology Portfolio (FSPTX) Technology 46.25
Select Medical Delivery Portfolio (FSHCX) Health Care 46.69
Select Brokerage and Investment Management Portfolio (FSLBX) Financials 46.74
Select Financial Services Portfolio (FIDSX) Financials 46.74
Select Wireless Portfolio (FWRLX) Utilities 48.26
Select Air Transportation Portfolio (FSAIX) Cyclicals 49.24
Select Telecommunications Portfolio (FSTCX) Utilities 51.01
Select Automotive Portfolio (FSAVX) Cyclicals 51.24
Select Energy Service Portfolio (FSESX) Natural Resources 55.01
Select Natural Resources Portfolio (FNARX) Natural Resources 55.5
Select Energy Portfolio (FSENX) Natural Resources 56.89
Select Insurance Portfolio (FSPCX) Financials 57.33
Select Natural Gas Portfolio (FSNGX) Natural Resources 57.98
Select Home Finance Portfolio (FSVLX) Financials 58.12

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