Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We are enjoying beautiful weather down here. Though when we were coming down on Sunday, there was a fierce northeasterly wind blowing and storm surge high enough to take out part of the road @ Rodanthe My B/SIL were 2 hours ahead of us, but they had to wait an hour to pass--some had to wait 4 hours. Mark and I sailed through, so we were only an hour behind.

One of the oceanside homes in Rodanthe (where "Nights in Rodanthe" with Richard Gere and Diane Lane was filmed) collapsed into the water. I've not seen it yet. The road was closed again last evening for a bit when high tide came back around as well as further nort in Buxton. We are staying in Avon.

We looked at the sound yesterday, and I've never seen such a fiercesome body of water in my life. Frightening really. We also saw an SUV cut off on it's own little island--hopefully they were able to get it out. Today is calmer, but not good fishing.

I've been keeping up with my exercise. I ran 2 miles yesterday and rode my bike for an hour today. Riding into the wind ensures some efficacious pedaling and heart rate load! The hot tub sure does feel good on aching muscles and joints.

I've had 1/2 an eye on the markets. I've some UPW/SSO--I also came into the weekend with some DUG--which DUG a little hole! But it was essentially a hedge against UPW/SSO, so I came out slightly ahead! Market has been up/down/up today I see. It's nice to get a break from that as well.

I saw a bit on CNBC where K. Kerkorian said that he had lived one year too long. Or was that Carl Icahn....I get these old billionaire activists confused. However, if one were to adopt me, I'd be the best daughter he could ever hope for, and I'd remember exactly which billionaire he was.

I'm really having alot of fun. I'm trying to be a good guest by taking care of our meals while we are here. Last night we had grilled porterhouse steaks--and they were fanastic--though there is always a worry in (wo)manning a grill that one is not used to. It is not a cut that I normally get, but a combination of the two that I do get (rib/strip). I see that I've been depriving myself. (We try not to eat too much red meat). Grilled asparagus and baked potatoes with some baked bread slathered with goat cheese.

I had a wonderful Bordeaux (2000 Frosnac; I forget the Chateau) which was very nice. (A ,$20-25 wine bought with a $5 coupon at Total Wine about 5 years ago!). So 4 of us ate a spectacular dinner for about $60 where it would have cost us about $250-300 (to include tip) had we gone out. I just cannot justify spending that kind of money on stuff that is passing through! I'd rather buy a better wine than I would normally enjoy, and cook dinner myself! And....do try an Australian Shiraz---The Greg Norman at BJ's Wholesale is terrific. Shiraz is the NEW Cab--like brown is the new black, though I'm not sure about this season. Perhaps black really is black!

Tonight we'll have pork loin chops sauteed in oil and fresh garlic, and I'll finish it by poaching it white wine. Fresh turnips from my neighbor's father's garden and a garden salad. A Marlborough SB to accompany. Hope everyone is doing well. I'll be back on Thursday.

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