Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Capitulated

Not on the market, but on my Real Money subscription.  I missed my blog buddies terribly while I was on vacation.  Plus, there was a renewal offer in my box that was at an advantaged rate of more than 50% what they wanted to charge me for just auto-renewing.  It's a poor way to treat subscribers.  But it was low enough, that over the year it represented a small daily charge.

I did lighten my SSO--I've not feel for this market, and I don't want to give up hard won dollars by becoming careless.  I've still some long exposure, but just less.


russell1200 said...

TA Kitty has been very lively and chipper of late. She had an alargy and the medicine made her lathargic.

Not sure what that means for the market thought. Does it mean that Paulson's medicine will work? Or does it mean that all h-ll is going to break loose.

Leisa said...

TA Kitty--our very own market shaman. Is she reading the tape? (I still love that pic of her--it is on the blog fur friends tab.