Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Post 923

On October 1, I will celebrate my 2nd anniversary of writing this blog. It's hard to believe, really. In that time I've cultivated an INTERNATIONAL readerhsip!

Hah-- I bet you thought that you were the only person who read this little corner of the blogsphere! As you can see, I've lots of additional penetration to do.There are three states where I don't get not a one reader. I've some continents to develop too!

Where does this information come from? From Google Analytics. Oh, don't worry, I don't know who you are or anything about you personally. But I know the breakdown of the browsers, how much time is spent on the site, and how many people are returning visitors and other stuff that is really for the benefit of advertisers--but I don't have any.

While I do not know the people behind the dots on the map, these dots are very dear to me. For the majority of these dots are returning visitors--many are people who bother to take time out of their busy day and read this space day in and day out. Some of you are bold enough to share your comments here, and others of you have made outreach to me via e-mail. But the small act of visiting and reading each day means a lot to me.

When I hit "Publish this Post" this will be by 923rd post. I thought it an opportune time to say thank you. So....THANK YOU.


nice said...

DOW JONES is down 1000 points past couple weeks

People are being invited in by RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) to short the market as they call for a crash....

Bears please observe what is up today - Bears also please note that next week is a Fed meeting - also please note this is an options week.

The short term trend is down - question is - are the bears shorting into the middle of the downtrend or the end of it?


Leisa said...

It would seem to me for there to be a meaningful reversal, commodities complex will need to come down and financials strengthen.

nice said...

If the major media says there is going to be a Crash - BUY

If the media is telling you Warren Buffet is buying this or that - SELL

If Greenspan is warning of a recession - BUY

If T Boone is testifying before Congress that oil has only one direction (up) - SELL

If the number of posts on a bearish blog is low and market is overbought - SELL

If the number of posts on a bearish blog is high and market way oversold - BUY

... Doesn't always work - but you'd be surprised how often it does ... people rarely change their emotional patterns...


nice said...

Here's something to be perplexed about:

Since March:
Gold is down near $200
And Oil is up 42%

The usual course of action is:
Gold spikes first...
Then Oil spikes...
Then Gold moves up again but does NOT make a new high.
Finally Oil moves up one last time and makes a newer high...

Then it all goes down..

So if Oil has another spike coming - Gold will move up...

If Gold can't make a new high - then the party if over

If gold makes a new high - 'Houston we have a Problem'

Of course this market is anything but 'usual' - however IMO better to trade 'history' rather than the exception IMHO.


nice said...

One other thought...

What is behind all this volatility - and what is behind all these irrational market moves?

Simple... "Market Meddling -- and the unwillingness of the financial controllers to speak the truth"

By Meddling in the markets (trying to prop stocks and contain oil/gold) - they are going against what the market wants to do naturally - and the market will respond violently - just as anything would when supressed or pushed in a direction it does not want to go.

Further - when everything becomes Orwellian - when bad is good - lies become truth - when 'the public does not need to know' - this mixed message causes cognitive dissonance and ultimatly distorted market behaviours.

... I think we are all big boys and girls - and can take the truth - so perhaps we are getting close to that point where one has to 'let the chips fall where they may'?

But then again - as far as money and the financial elite are concerned - nothing can be left to chance... (Until their last chance runs out that is...)


nice said...

Is MF Global the 1st victim of these volatile commodity markets?

Will they receive margin calls from a 'bigger fish'?

Recall others went broke trying to short copper and short natural gas?

...Tough market for reversion to mean traders..


nice said...


Why are US Oil stocks not holding up with the price of Oil - while Canadian Oil stocks are making new highs?

Who's right?

Question: What was the purpose of Bushes speech today (timed with the Oil Inventory Report) - he babbled about nothing - mentioned Alt Energy - but all the big Solar names were down...

Question: Why is OPEC "meeting with consumers" the day before the Fed meeting?

Question: Why are the DJ TRANS not dropping like a stone - when everything else, FDX, Airlines, refiners are?

It'd be 'nice' to know these answers...