Saturday, January 12, 2008


I was fully expecting a bounce on Friday. None came. My PAY went into the green (may basis) briefly before retreating into the red. I'm still kicking myself for not re-entering EGO. Oh well, the miners will have to go up without me!

Today was a very long day. I had to drive to Emporia--11 miles from the NC/VA border. We had 27 dogs--half of them were puppies. Several of the dogs had ill fitting colors (too big). They literally slipped or walked out of their collars. It really is frightening when these dogs get away. Thankfully, the escapees ran either toward another dog to play or toward one of us. We managed to leave with all of the dogs that we came with! We had one dog that in addition to getting out of his collar, also managed to chew through two leads that we used as a slip leash. Thank goodness he was a loving a gregarious older pup (5 mos) who would run to a dog f

We had a nursing mom (AVA) with 9 puppies. We also had some lab/newfoundland pups--they were huge! With puppies, they cannot touch the ground due to their immune systems being so weak. I elected to drive my husband's truck. It is a full cab (front/back seats). I figured that we could use the bed as puppy pen in addition to the other puppy pen that we had. I put a waterproof tarp down in the pickup. That way, I could easily get the puppy wiggle worms out of their cages without their escaping. Plus the bed provided a shelter from the wind. Every one of those puppies had pee and poo on them--literally from head to toe.

I made a mistake and thought one of the dogs (4 mos) was Lily. She was actually "Tikki" and was to go to PA. She went to Springfield. She was adopted today. Perhaps the Winds of Fate (which always seem to be blowing down in Emporia) blew fortuitously for Tikki.

Tomorrow I'm driving from Richmond to Springfield. A beautiful English Setter, Ryan, is being transported from GA to New Jersey--to his permanent home.

On the way, this lovely lady, Xena, was picked up in SC. She was a pet in a home whose owners felt that they could not longer afford to keep their animals. She is also heart worm positive. I cannot imagine how difficult this is for a dog to be tossed out of their home. But hopefully she'll find a good home , and her health issues remediated.
If you are an animal lover, I hope that you'll take a minute to search out an organization that rescues your favorite breed, or your local animal shelter to find out how you might help out. Trust me, something so small as a donated collar would have made a world of difference today. Old towels--oh how those puppy and kittens love them. No arm twisting; just suggesting!

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