Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gary K

Says that we've put in "a low", but it may not be "THE low". Looking for follow through day. His quote: "I really liked the action today."

My UYG went green today.

I'm experimenting with how I can provide you with some worthwhile information post close. I guess that is part two of uber nerd project. Until I get something more comprehensive, I'll pepper you with discrete information. My goal is to have something more tied to the whole.


Anonymous said...

This will run really fast for about 8%-10% I'd guess. Then the economic news will overtake it. I will be jettisoning most longs on the bounce. I will be buying miners again.


Leisa said...

I was amazed at the size of the move. MDC was mentioned as a favorite homebuilder by a CNBC guest. I suppose the chart was a double bottom! It has definitely cleared the top of the channel line. Sigh.