Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nasdaq Beta Upgrade

Artist: Tom Tyler

I wanted to tell you about an improvement in Nasdaq's web site. Here's a a link to FMD's short interest page. I generally like to see what short interest looks like. But what is more interesting on this page is that you can see institutional holders. AND you can also click on the institutional holder and see all of their holdings. AND it summarizes for you the sectors that the institutional holder is in.

I think that is pretty cool. E-trade used to do it, and then I didn't see it anymore.

You might say, "So what?" I say, hey, these guys are professionals, I like to take a look behind their kimono-in only the wholesomeness of ways.

Here's a snapshot.
Here's a snapshot of holdings for Delta Partners

I hope that you will take a minute and look at the website.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Leisa
Those institutional pages are great fun, I like to see what new positions Fido's, Wellington's and Harvard's are taking on, they file those quarterly, something like 4 to 6 weeks after the quarter, Fidelity of course is one of the last ones to file, be interesting to see what they unloaded last quarter

Also, thanks for posting those ag/chem stocks a couple of weeks ago, made a little change on a TRA put, just to give it right back to them later, good call on the rails I also got messed up on some bank puts, though not so bad as I did a 2p to 1c straddle figuring we'd get some jerky action, No dice
I like MSFT,CSCO and am thinking about using Bill Cara's buy the stock sell a put strategy on them soon,
Don't forget to buckle your chinstrap at 2:15 tomorrow