Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bird Dogging! Yahoo Sectors

I'm embarrassed to say that I did not know that Yahoo had a detailed sector analysis. I stumbled upon it while I was doing some work on Waste Management Services.

If you click on this link, you will be transported into the world of Yahoo Sectors. It's nothing short of fabulous if you enjoy looking at individual sectors.

One of the "daily snapshots" one can do is top 5/bottom 5, as shown below. Personally, I find this view pretty nifty--though now I'm wondering if I should have used these sectors and company composition for my uber-nerd sector project. I'll reflect on that a bit. (sigh)

But the point of this post was to alert you to this resource...perhaps I'm the last one to know about it.

On a daily basis, I will be provided the above information along with the WSJ's daily market close. This post is labeled Bird Dogging because it represents my finding something to point out to you. Of course, I had the best mentor for this activity, Lucy. I'll close my b-d'n posts with her thumbnail.

Addendum 1:27.08 4:55 p.m. I found an even more interesting stock sector/subsector with interesting tools. You can find it here @ Big Charts . Here's an example of a sector tool that you can choose various time frames to observe sector performance.

If you click on the particular industry, you can see the makeup. I'm pretty impressed with this feature.



Anonymous said...

Leisa - appreciate you mentioning the Yahoo sectors site & had totally overlooked the tool.

The SPDRS site has the marketmap feature however that's just confined to the S&P500 stocks.

Also, it's been linked before over at b. cara's blog but someone put together a decent little RSI application for daily, weekly and monthly RSI 7 values.

r. saunders

Leisa said...

R. Saunders: Thanks for you note. I had just found an additional (if not better in some ways) resource. Please see addendum to post.