Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Providing Value Added

As 2008 unfolds, I want to refine my blog a bit. I'll continue to bore you with anecdotes from my life as well as my success and blunders in the stock market. But in addition to that, I want to reward my readers with something more substantive and objective.

Accordingly, I will be selectively providing for you sectors that have performed well on a day to day basis. I say selectively, because my intent is not to provide a comprehensive view of all sectors--I don't have the ability to do that easily--but rather it is to give you some sector bird's-eye-views. Stockcharts has a wonderful market sector carpet, and I encourage you to use it. However, they do not have stocks grouped in as finely diced groups as Metastock--and it only includes large/mid-cap. Perhaps I'm wallowing in too much detail, but I think that there are some gems that can be found by looking at some of the smaller stuff.

Here's an example:

Below is list of Capital Goods, Construction Agri. As of yesterday's close every single stock in that sub-sector were green. I bet there is a stock or two on here that you are not familiar with and you might want to do further research. My hope is that providing you periodic snapshops will provide a useful catalyst for your own decision making and research.

In addition, for sectors, I can show you this view which for larger groups will give you a top 5/bottom 5 view. What I like about this view is that I can select the time frame.

Please treat this as a work in process, with today being just the first step in introducing you to the concept.

When I'm done with my all of my data entry, I will publish for you a list of all the sectors/subsectors. For what reason? To allow you to make a special request for a particular subsector. I hope that you will see that as a value add from this blog. I plan to be finished with my work by the end of the month. In the meantime, I'll publish tidbits here and there.

I welcome your feedback on this idea. You can leave it in the comments section or e-mail at leisa-va@cox.net.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the bellcow may have signalled the top for gold. She is usually early on the call and the turn so she deserves watching. That is, if you are so inclined. The commodity and PM complex carries much added risk these days.

Tomorrow will be very interesting to say the least.



P.S. I am still watching the yields on these dividend payers. Astute buyers are going to reap some huge rewards here once the dust settles.

russell120 said...


It is usually easier to remember names then ticker symbols. If the first time in a post you mention the name -like Countrywide (CFC)- it would be easier to remember some of the obscure (to some of us) stocks that you follow.

Leisa said...

Cat on Commodities: With the yen becoming strong against all currencies (FXY at an all-time high), the carry trade is taking it on the chin. I suspect that some of the unwinding would necessarily hit precious metals and commodities.

Russell: These obscurities are interesting to find! I noticed that THI (Tim Horton's) was unscathed in the eatery business. (Though not obscure, THI seems to have fallen out of zeitgeist's favor!) It had a toppy looking chart. NTRS (Northern Trust) the same relative to it's compatriots in the sector. I wished that I hadn't let them go. Today I lamented that a bit. But I thought some of the good news (to include a potential rate cut in addition to upgrades and target changes) might work against the positions. I still had an incremental gain, but I wanted to wallow in gain!

russell120 said...

It was much easier to follow that!

Anonymous said...

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