Thursday, January 17, 2008


Below shows rail performance for the last 10 days.

Below shows the composition of this group as well as performance for yesterday.

Many of these stocks have already made a significant move down. It appears to my eye, that many of these stocks peaked on December 10. Accordingly, I've provided a chart that shows the top/bottom 5 for that period.


Anonymous said...

By listing the rails and shippers you are correctly highlighting stocks to focus on. My preference is for rails because long term they should prosper. Also, they are more conservative, like me. Short and medium term I also like the shippers, and I also like the oil and LNG shippers. I have been reading your blog for a while. You are a very smart young lady. You appear to be constantly learning and teaching. Although I may not post again for a while, know that I will be reading and enjoying your blog because you are also a gifted writer. Good luck.

Leisa said...

Lessmore--thank you, sincerely, for your very nice comments. I'm flattered beyond words!

Leisa said...

Oh...rails/shippers---I think that there will be more downside. Rails were attractive because gas is high. The shippers just became ridiculous with everyone piling into a narrowing market. But, they both ought to have one's eyeball poised on them.

Anonymous said...

Not fair to have family members come on your site and toss bouquets your way, L. ;)

Today was interesting, eh?