Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Uber-nerd Project Part 2

Here's another view that I like quite a bit. I am a chart reader. I don't claim to be a good one, but surveying a filed of charts in a sector--this one is Constr/Ag machinery. This is the other "product" of my work that I was looking for. For large sectors, it means scrolling through pages, but they can be printed out and highlighted. From this view (you can click image to make larger) you can easily see who is rolling over and who isn't.

From this list, I see a stock, CNH, that I'm not familiar with. I'm going to look at them now. If I see anything of interest, I'll post.


GemmaStar said...

Wow! These charts are great. Thanks for posting them.


Anonymous said...

Mee too agree w/ G/S. Tks.

Leisa said...

Thanks for the feedback. This is the only successful attempt at posting this "view". I'm not sure if I'm bumping against some image size restrictions.