Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lucky 13

I'm not going to even comment on the market today other than to say that the activity did not give me much comfort. The market's reaction to the AAPL poor earnings report will be more telling tomorrow.

In their Jan 21 edition, Barron's gave the list of IQT's "Lucky 13 Stocks". You can read about it here. Why don't we follow these stocks along this year? CTML!!!
Under the performance measures, the stocks are bought at the end of December. Given that you could get some G-forces going if you were riding a sled down the price slope, this year's Lucky 13 may have started the year out roughly.


russell120 said...

Over the weekend, TA Kitty got out of the house, and hid under the porch for some time (under the general principal of "I will do what you don't want me to do..because I can).

After we gave up, she got cold and came to the front door.

Markets always tank after the kitty under the porch pattern...fortunately she didn't stay under there long.

Leisa said...

Your kitty was displaying "short covering" behavior. She was cold. Her hair was shorter than her resolve to confound you with her contrarian behavior.

There should be a new saying: Hell hath no fury like a trapped short.