Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Musings

Though I'm a David Allen apostle (apostate for too long), I keep a Franklin Planner. I've had one for more than 17 years. For about a week I wrestled with whether or not I really wanted to buy the daily refill pack.

I had an assistant for several years at my last job. Carey. She took care of me. She scheduled all my meetings, made all my reservations, filled out my expense reports and basically kept my day sane (nope, she cannot see you). Outlook handles all of that so well; but one needs a discrete place to write important notes. My planner has always served as that place rather than my scavenging an odd bit of paper and writing on it. If you saw my desk, you would realize the immediate calamity that an odd bit of paper would meet if it were expected to exist on my desk. It would be like a guppy--not a goldfish mind you, but a guppy--in an ocean.

So after determining that the axis of the orbit of my being would tilt precipitously if I were to be without my planner, I decided that I would change the "motif". (My husband better hope that my preferences for change are limited to this venue and hair color). For most of those 17 years, I used the "Blossoms" motif (there is a point buried in this mundane history of my life with my planner). This year, I'm using "Her P.O.V"-- as change in motif. This motif was not my preference. My preference was already sold out. Though I find the images captivating, I found the motif a little female-centric. I have enough trace amounts of testosterone from my years in the business world to give me a bit of an opposition reflex to the female-centricity. I contemplated further the danger to my axis and orbit, and elected to quell my reflexive opposition.

It did not take me long to get over it. In fact, I enjoyed one of the quotes and jotted it down in a note card to a good friend of mine. The artist for the images in POV is Karn Knutson. I Googled Knutson, and I found many other interesting images--not just from Knutson but others at the website you'll be directed to if you click on her picture.

As I was driving and thinking about the blog, I decided that I would find images for each post. It will be part of my Sensazione (enlivening the senses, especially sight) daVincian principle that I wrote about here.

So, I'll be actively looking for interesting images to add to my posts. I will have a link on the picture so that you can visit the situs point of the image. I was taken with the featured image, "always listening never hearing". Though I understood the essence of the phrase immediately, I couldn't help but reflect that the obverse is what is normally railed against. For example, I would have expected the caption to say, "always hearing, never listening"--as the criticism is that we 'hear' but are not LISTENING. But when I see the two phrases, the first one clearly portrays the point better. Regardless, the phrase and the image together are a potent thing to consider.

On the transport front....

I was lacerated by a kitten today. It's remarkable how well equipped they are to defend themselves against evil, snatching hands. I had to downsize their crate so that they would fit in the car. Clearly, they liked their old crate much better. The lacerations are not inconsequential--but I had plenty of sanitizing hand stuff (we use gobs of it when handling the pubs). As you might imagine, when rubbed into an open wound, the burn is quite bracing. Hopefully I inoculated all of the cat-scratch fever germs.

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